The Teamwork Hubs section of the Knowledge Center consists of four collaborative tables that are perfect for small groups. The Hubs allow you to quickly and easily share information - just connect a Puck to your laptop and share content instantly on two monitors. To learn more about the technology, see this page
Teamwork HubWe are piloting a reservation system for two Hubs during Library staffed hours.
Teamwork Hubs rules
  • Groups of 2-4 people can reserve Hubs
  • Maintain a respectful, conversational noise level
  • Reservations: 
    • 3 hours per day maximum
    • book 24 hours in advance
    • held for 15 minutes after start time - after 15 minutes, the Hub will be open to any group until the end of that hour
    • book through the end of the current semester
  • Hubs are first-come, first-served for any unreserved times slots; priority is given to group work
  • No food allowed in the Knowledge Center; all beverages must be in cups with lids
If you notice any problems with the Teamwork Hubs, please contact the Information Desk. If it is an emergency, contact Public Safety at (212) 305-8100. As always, be respectful of the groups following you: clean up the table, return any moved furniture, and leave promptly at the end of your reservation.